Comprehensive genome wide identification and expression analysis of MTP gene family in tomato (Solanum lycopersicum) under multiple heavy metal stress

Ahmed H. El- Sappah, Ahmed S. Elrys, El-Sayed M. Desoky, Xia Zhao, Wang Bingwen, Hamza H. El-Sappah, Yumin Zhu, Zhou Wanhai, Zhao Xianming, Jia Li
2021 Saudi Journal of Biological Sciences  
Plant metal tolerance proteins (MTPs) play major roles in enhancing resistance to heavy metal tolerance and homeostasis. However, the role of MTPs genes in tomato, which is one of the most popular crops, is still largely limited. Hence, we investigated genome-wide study of tomato MTPs, including phylogenetic, duplication, gene structure, gene ontology and previous transcriptomic data analysis. Moreover, the MTPs expression behaviour under various heavy metals stress has rarely been
more » ... In the current study, eleven MTP candidate genes were genome-wide identified and classified into three major groups; Mn-cation diffusion facilitators (CDFs), Fe/Zn-CDFs, and Zn-CDFs based on the phylogeny. Structural analysis of SlMTPs showed high gene similarity within the same group with cation_efflux or ZT_dimerdomains. Evolutionary analysis revealed that segmental duplication contributed to the expansion of the SlMTP family. Gene ontology further showed the vital roles of MTPs in metal-related processes. Tissue-specific expression profiling exhibited similar expression patterns in the same group, whereas gene expression varied among groups. The MTPs expression was evaluated after tomato treatments by five divalent heavy metals (Cd2+, Co2+, Mn2+, Zn2+, and Fe2+). SlMTP genes displayed differential responses in either plant leaves or roots under heavy metals treatments. Nine and ten SlMTPs responded to at least one metal ion treatment in leaves and roots, respectively. In addition SlMTP1, SlMTP3, SlMTP4, SlMTP8, SlMTP10 and SlMTP11 exhibited the highest expression responses in most of heavy metals treatments. Overall, our findings presented a standpoint on the evolution of MTPs and their evolution in tomato and paved the way for additional functional characterization under heavy metal toxicity.
doi:10.1016/j.sjbs.2021.07.073 pmid:34866994 pmcid:PMC8626246 fatcat:ersqb3nnmfhxdds7ke5yebduia