A new method for block demodulation without channel estimation

K.F. Conner, C.W. Baum
IEEE Military Communications Conference. Proceedings. MILCOM 98 (Cat. No.98CH36201)  
For communication channels exhibiting fading and interference, noncoherent maximum likelihood (ML) block demodulation generally requires the knowledge of received signal strength, fading levels, and the phase offset introduced by the channel. Furthermore, ML block demodulation can be computationally prohibitive. This paper presents a sub-optimal block demodulation method based on a computationally simple and eficient clustering algorithm known as the K-means algorithm. The performance of
more » ... rformance of noncoherent block demodulation based on this algorithm is determined for various phase and amplitude-phase modulation techniques. This demodulation scheme does not require knowledge of the received signal strength, fading levels, or channel phase oflset. Numerical results show significant improvement over classical differential demodulation techniques.
doi:10.1109/milcom.1998.726956 fatcat:hthywpudgjew7ljsi4hdvkeyly