Psycho-social assessment of patients in ICU with deliberate self harm: study

P Rathi
Objectives: To assess the socio demographic profile, prevalence of psychiatric disorders, methods employed and significant life events among the patients of deliberate self harm (DSH) admitted in the intensive care unit (ICU) of a tertiary care hospital. Methods: informed consent, 30 patients of DSH, admitted in the ICU were recruited for the study. A specially designed semi structured pro-forma was used to collect the socio psychiatric disorders, The Explanatory Model Interview Catalogue
more » ... iew Catalogue (EMIC) was used to identify the distress and Presumptive Life Stress Event Scale was used to identify any significant life events amon Results: The mean age of the study group (n=30) was 29.3 yrs with the females constituting the majority (53.3%). Half of the subjects were married. Psychiatric disorders were identified among 59.3% of the subjects with depre constituting the major diagnosis. Depression was followed by alcohol dependence and adjustment disorder contributing 10% each. Most common method employed for DSH was poisoning (90%) followed by hanging (6.6%) and slitting of wrist (3.3%). 50% of the subjects, had significant contributory life events within last 6 months with marital conflict being commonest (13%). Conclusions: and gender do not play a significant role gender roles. Poisoning is the commonest method of DSH.