A New Prediction Model of Surface Subsidence with Cauchy Distribution in the Coal Mine of Thick Topsoil Condition

Coal is the main energy source in China, but its underground mining causes surface subsidence, which seriously damages the ecological and living environments. How to calculate subsidence accurately is a core issue in evaluating mining damage. At present, the most commonly used method of calculation is the Probability Integral Method (PIM), based on a normal distribution. However, this method has limitations in thick topsoil (thickness > 100 m), in that the extent of the calculated boundary of
more » ... lated boundary of the subsidence basin is smaller than its real extent, and this has an undoubted impact on the accurate assessment of the extent of mining damage. Therefore, this paper introduces a calculation model for surface subsidence based on a Cauchy distribution for thick topsoil conditions. This not only improves the accuracy of calculation at the subsidence basin boundary, but also provides a universal method for the calculation of surface subsidence.
doi:10.24425/ams.2020.132712 fatcat:qw2x64bwijc4rk6jtwuw4ihyb4