Research on the Education and Training System of Farmers' Professionalization from the Perspective of Rural Revitalization

2022 Frontiers in Educational Research  
China is a large agricultural country, so the issue of "agriculture, rural areas and farmers" has always been regarded as a key issue. With the development of modern agricultural science and technology, the revitalization of rural construction has been pushed onto the historical stage. This paper studies the specific plan for the construction of farmers' Vocational education and training system from the perspective of rural revitalization. Through "macro design at the upper level, detailed path
more » ... at the middle level and improvement measures at the lower level", a logical and hierarchical framework of farmers' vocational education and training system can be established. It provides a theoretical reference for solving the contradiction between supply and demand of farmers' vocational education, helping the development of modern agriculture and the revitalization of rural talents, and cultivating new vocational farmers.
doi:10.25236/fer.2022.050320 fatcat:6qhyocs7snebnb5cigwukmnsvy