International Journal of Allied Practice, Research and Review Efficacy of Yoga, Diet and Exercise Based Lifestyle Modification Program on Adjustment of Body Mass Index in Type-Ll Diabetes Mellitus

Asem Jayanti, Gulraj Kohli
2015 IJAPRR International Peer Reviewed Refereed Journal   unpublished
In the wake of widespread type-II diabetes as of now, People have become aware that accumulation of body fat and the obesity are the primary causes of diabetes. In spite of dieting and exercise they ever do, it is still failing to keep themselves free from this disease which is instead creeping up almost silently. With a view to give a new impetus to leading a new way of life free from this disease three Yogic Lifestyle modules viz. Yoga and Diet-based Lifestyle Modification Program YD LS P,
more » ... Program YD LS P, Exercise and Diet-based Lifestyle Modification Program ED LS P and Yoga, Diet and Exercise-based Lifestyle Modification Program YDELS P were developed for a wider study with eleven parameters by putting diabetic patients under the intervention of these three modules for 75 days and do a study by measuring their comparati ve effectiveness. The present study was done by taking Body Mass Index, BMI as the only one parameter to compare the efficacy between yoga and Diet-based Lifestyle Modification program YD LS P and Yoga ,Diet and Exercise-based Lifestyle modification program YD ELS P on making adjustment of BMI towards a normal level during the same period. 60 female diabetic subjects within the age range of 30-60 years were selected by means of random sampling from three private clinics within the jurisdiction of Ajmer, Rajasthan, India. The patient status was identified by the doctors concerned as exclusive of having cardio-vascular problems, retinopathy, end-stage kidney and the liver disease, interfering with diet therapy and exercise. The identified subjects were divided randomly by lot into three groups, each consisting of 20 members in the three mean age groups i.e. 47 ± 8.27, 51.5 ± 6.43 and 52 ± 6.71 an d they were categorized respectively as Group-A, YDLS P, Grou p-B, ED LS P and Group-C ,YD ELS P. In the present study the BMI adjustment efficacy of YDELS P was compared with that of YDLS P. The module YDELS P scored 22.22 percent by reducing the initial BMI of 27.00 ± 3.54 to 21 ± 1.23 after the intervention period while YDLS P scored only 7.66 percent by reducing the initial scale of 24.8 ± 1.75 to 22.9 ± 1.64 during the same period. It was found that Yoga, Diet and Exercise-based Lifestyle modification Program YD ELS P was more efficacious than Yoga and Diet-based Lifestyle modification Program YDLS P on adjustment the Body Mass Index of type-ll female diabetes patients to a healthy normal level within 75 days.