Cross-trees, edge and superpixel priors-based cost aggregation for stereo matching

Feiyang Cheng, Hong Zhang, Mingui Sun, Ding Yuan
2015 Pattern Recognition  
In this paper, we propose a novel cross-trees structure to perform the nonlocal cost aggregation strategy, and the cross-trees structure consists of a horizontal-tree and a vertical-tree. Compared to other spanning trees, the significant superiorities of the cross-trees are that the trees' constructions are efficient and the trees are exactly unique since the constructions are independent on any local or global property of the image itself. Additionally, two different priors: edge prior and
more » ... rpixel prior, are proposed to tackle the false cost aggregations which cross the depth boundaries. Hence, our method contains two different algorithms in terms of cross-trees+prior. By traversing the two crossed trees successively, a fast non-local cost aggregation algorithm is performed twice to compute the aggregated cost volume. Performance evaluation on the 27 Middlebury data sets shows that both our algorithms outperform the other two tree-based nonlocal methods, namely minimum spanning tree (MST) and segment-tree (ST).
doi:10.1016/j.patcog.2015.01.002 pmid:26034314 pmcid:PMC4448781 fatcat:63fhzegjirex7ldg4epgoftbnu