Experimental Investigation on Injection pressure for MOME Blended Fuel C.I. Engine

B. Kondaiah, B. Durga Prasad
2016 International Journal of Engineering Research and  
Energy demand increases with growth of population and industrialization in the world. Most of the energy is consumed for transportation of goods and passengers. Most of the vehicles are currently running with conventional fossil fuels and this leads to depletion of these fuels within a few years as well as the increase in environmental pollution levels. It is required to develop alternatives which save fuel for future generation and reduce environmental pollution and global warming. One of the
more » ... lternatives is to produce biodiesel from renewable source to meet the energy demand. In the present work, Mahua oil methyl ester (MOME) is developed by transesterification and blends are prepared (B0, B25, B50, & B100) with diesel to investigate optimal injection pressure in four stroke C.I engine. The optimal injection pressure and blend are found to be B25 and 240 bar respectively from the experimental results.
doi:10.17577/ijertv5is050295 fatcat:wdnhx3ndd5gh5hbzgjnqcjb7rq