Effect of the Type of Elemental Ti Powders on the Microstructure of Reactively Sintered TiAl (Mn) Intermetallics

Mok-Soon Kim, Kazuhisa Shibue, Tsutomu Furuyama, Masaki Kumagai
1994 Journal of the Japan Society of Powder and Powder Metallurgy  
Close microstructural examination has been made on 3)mol%Al-(1.4-1.7)mol% Mn intermetallics produced by a reactive sintering using both Na-reduced Ti powders (Na-Ti powders) , and Mg-reduced and subsequently hydride-dehydride Ti powders (HDH-Ti powders). The microstructure of compacted mixtures has also been measured. When HDH-Ti powders are used as a starting Ti powder, both compacted and sintered microstructures have a fine and uniform distribution for all compositions. In contrast, if Na-Ti
more » ... owders are used as a starting Ti powder, the compacted structure contains a segregated block area of Ti or Al alloys, depending on composition, which results in a coarse ƒ¿2 structure or a group of y grains in sintered condition. Such inhomogeneous and non-uniform structures are considered to reduce the ductility of sintered materials.
doi:10.2497/jjspm.41.588 fatcat:xydlvlddsbdxxltprflmxzlfhy