Administrative Supervision of the National Police of Ukraine

I. M. Kovalov, V. A. Yevtushok
2021 Law and Safety  
The scientific article is focused on the legal regulation of administrative supervision of the National Police of Ukraine. The purpose of the study is to define the concept and features of police administrative supervision and develop propositions for amending the existing legislation regulating law enforcement activity. The relevance of the chosen topic is the fact that police officers' powers to monitor the rule of law in the fields of economy and public administration can directly affect the
more » ... rights and freedoms of individuals and the legitimate interests of legal entities. The scientific novelty of the study lies in the doctrinal definition of the concept of police administrative supervision and its features and the development of propositions for amending the Law of Ukraine "On the National Police". The publications of scholars who studied the problems of police administrative supervision in various sectors of the economy and public administration were studied. The norms of legislative acts that establish the supervisory powers of the police are analyzed. It is concluded that police administrative supervision is systematic monitoring of the compliance with Ukrainian legislation in the fields of economy, public administration, public life, and the application of coercive measures to offenders to stop the offense and bring them to justice. Features of police administrative supervision, such as regularity, legality, formality, publicity, have been identified. Police administrative supervision is protective. Its purpose is to stop and prevent violations of Ukrainian law. Administrative supervision over the compliance with the law is carried out in the areas of public order and public safety, public administration, business, drug trafficking, firearms and ammunition, road safety, and other sectors of the economy and public administration. It is offered to make appropriate amendments to the Art. 2 of the Law of Ukraine "On the National Police". The results of the study can be used in lawmaking, law enforcement practice, and the educational process.
doi:10.32631/pb.2021.2.09 fatcat:6oufclhjhvdqtj5qqcpojxmqsm