Adaptive-Attentive Geolocalization From Few Queries: A Hybrid Approach

Valerio Paolicelli, Gabriele Berton, Francesco Montagna, Carlo Masone, Barbara Caputo
2022 Frontiers in Computer Science  
We tackle the task of cross-domain visual geo-localization, where the goal is to geo-localize a given query image against a database of geo-tagged images, in the case where the query and the database belong to different visual domains. In particular, at training time, we consider having access to only few unlabeled queries from the target domain. To adapt our deep neural network to the database distribution, we rely on a 2-fold domain adaptation technique, based on a hybrid
more » ... tive approach. To further enhance the architecture, and to ensure robustness across domains, we employ a novel attention layer that can easily be plugged into existing architectures. Through a large number of experiments, we show that this adaptive-attentive approach makes the model robust to large domain shifts, such as unseen cities or weather conditions. Finally, we propose a new large-scale dataset for cross-domain visual geo-localization, called SVOX.
doi:10.3389/fcomp.2022.841817 fatcat:4b2rjdzhxbenzo3nte2k2iiv5u