Not Connected with the American Antituberculosis League—A Correction

John L. Dawson
1908 Journal of the American Medical Association  
The patient was not seen again, but behold! the daily papers soon contained the blatant announcement of a new Institute for Suggestion Therapy for all kinds of nervous affec¬ tions, youthful indiscretions, rheumatism, etc., and the pro¬ prietor was-Neustätter's former patient. He had been wealthy at one time, but had lost his property by his drink¬ ing habits, and he learned to see in this quack business a means of replenishing his coffers. He treated one woman for headaches and charged her
more » ... and charged her $250, which she had to pay under menace of a suit for, as Neustätter remarks, the German law sets a maximal tariff for registered physicians, but charlatans can charge what they like. He says that he is now doing pen¬ ance in sackcloth and ashes for he has actually thus been instrumental in founding a new quack establishment while he was preaching an antiquackery sermon.
doi:10.1001/jama.1908.02530510044013 fatcat:delwhbqvo5bs3ihkmbphdchxju