Semidefinite programming based approaches to the break minimization problem

Ryuhei Miyashiro, Tomomi Matsui
2006 Computers & Operations Research  
This paper considers the break minimization problem in sports timetabling. The problem is to find, under a given timetable of a round-robin tournament, a home-away assignment that minimizes the number of breaks, i.e., the number of occurrences of consecutive matches held either both at away or both at home for a team. We formulate the break minimization problem as MAX RES CUT and MAX 2SAT, and apply Goemans and Williamson's approximation algorithm using semidefinite programming. Computational
more » ... periments show that our approach quickly generates solutions of good approximation ratios.
doi:10.1016/j.cor.2004.09.030 fatcat:pk466ys27bc5fmj4nsbbokj5t4