The Effect of a Training Program for Developing Motor Capabilities on Katame-Waza Skills in Judo

2011 مجلة تطبیقات علوم الریاضة  
Sport training aims at raising the skill, plan, physical and psychological capabilities of the beginners to become efficient and of a higher standard. The researcher noticed, through working in judo field, the failure of most of the beginners to defence and that it was difficult for them to perform the counter-attack in a skill of Katame.Waza and to continue for 25 seconds in Oseekomy.Waza skills. As a result, the beginners take a long time in training process to perfect the performance of
more » ... performance of Katame.Waza skills. Thus, the aim of the current study is to design a training program to develop certain motor capabilities of Oseekomy.Waza skills in Katame.Waza (motor response speed, speedy power, agility, and muscular endurance). The researcher used the experimental method using the pre and post measurements of the experimental group and the control group. The population was 68 beginners selected from Zamalek Sports Club. A pilot sample was 56 beginners that represent the judo weights. The researcher applied the proposed experimental program of 8 weeks, three times a week and each lesson took 90minutes. There are statistically significant differences between the two post tests of the experimental group and the control in favor of the experimental group. There is also a correlation between the motor capabilities and the performance level of some skills of defence, counter-attack of Katame.Waza.
doi:10.21608/jass.2011.84905 fatcat:szfzrv63bvaqvdz2n7cxwcwesm