The Study on the Entrepreneurship Direction College Music Majors of Inner Mongolia

Hongyan Wang
2015 Proceedings of the 2015 3rd International Conference on Management Science, Education Technology, Arts, Social Science and Economics   unpublished
In the fierce competition in front, Inner Mongolia university music graduates majoring because of strong professional, employment face is relatively narrow, social demand is small, at the same time also face from key universities, music colleges and non-art music class specialized competition for graduates, the difficult employment problem is more outstanding, therefore, the competitiveness of employment is enhanced, and obtain comparative advantage in the competition to become particularly
more » ... me particularly important. Inner Mongolia colleges and universities need to continuously break through the bottleneck of its development, change the traditional personnel training mode, renewal education idea, innovating teaching content and teaching methods, sets up the entrepreneurial ideas, promote entrepreneurship ability, and should direct docking with the society, to focus on social needs, become passive to active employment entrepreneurship. It is not only for his job creation; at the same time also create more jobs for the society. This article will elaborate the pioneering status quo and direction of college music majors in Inner Mongolia.
doi:10.2991/msetasse-15.2015.9 fatcat:m6qluxirizg4zinfynfuwfsym4