Study on Customer's attitude towards Online firms based on their Service Reputation

Manjula Shanbhog, Mayank Singh, Shailendra Mishra
The rapid shift in the digitized market has transformed the way the business buys and sells products and provides service to its customer. Retail is now 24x7, so, customer can shop from anywhere and at any time. The current research paper is the part of the larger study and tries to examine the customer behavior towards online firm based on their reputation. The online firms are considered of two types, direct selling online firms (DSOF)-these firms manufactures and sells their product online,
more » ... ir product online, indirect selling online firm(IdSOF)-these firms sells the products manufactured by others firms. This study also analyzes the factors to evaluate the reputation of service provider. Questionnaires were formed as a research instrument and web based survey was conducted and also questionnaires were mailed to the respondents web mail account, accordingly the data and information were collected and analyzed.