Automated modeling of broadband network data using the QTES methodology [thesis]

G. Klaoudatos
4s new and more advanced communication services ek-olve. t h e demand for better models which ri11 predict system performance more accurately becomes larger. -4 number of these services supported by high speed net~vorks git-e rise to bursty (autocorrelated) traffic streams. A rypical example is VBR (variable bit rate) compressed The objective of this Thesis is to investigare a new rnodeling methodoloc called QTES (Quantized Transform-Expand-Sample) which c m be used to mode1 network traffic
more » ... network traffic taking into consideration both the marginal and t h e autocorrelation function of the empiricai data. An effort is made towards an algorithmic procedure rather than a heuristic search. thereby l a r p l -automating QTES modeling.
doi:10.22215/etd/1997-03752 fatcat:bkb64z33qrb3rpft7zjga3duoq