MP13, a generalized transducing bacteriophage for Bacillus megaterium

P S Vary, J C Garbe, M Franzen, E W Frampton
1982 Journal of Bacteriology  
The first generalized transducing bacteriophage reported for Bac illhs inegaterium has been characterized. Optimum conditions for lysate production and transduction procedures were established so that transducing frequencies of 8 x 10-6 and higher are now possible. The phage, MP13, has a head diameter of 97 nm and a contractile tail (202 by 17 nm) and adsorbs to the periphery of the cell. MPI3 was inactivated rapidly at 60°C, but not at 55°C, and was sensitive to toluene, ether, and chloroform.
more » ... er, and chloroform. When centrifuged in a neutral CsCl gradient, two bands were observed, a major band of 1.490 g cm<3 and a minor band of 1.482 g cm 3 buoyant density. The major band contained only infective particles, whereas the minor band contained both infective and transducing particles. Phage DNA was resistant to several restriction endonucleases, but yielded 9 fragments with MboI, more than 34 with HindIII, and 7 with BstEII. The molecular weights for the fragments from MboI-BstEII double digests total 97 x 109. Until the recent isolation of phage MP13 (31), no generalized transducing phage for Bacillus megaterilum was available for genetic analysis of mutants in this bacterium. We reported previon May 8, 2020 by guest
doi:10.1128/jb.149.3.1112-1119.1982 fatcat:ig5y5jtco5bq7iz2cpnhri2ab4