The visual Expression of Children's Drawings

Yulianto Hadiprawiro
2020 IICACS : International and Interdisciplinary Conference on Arts Creation and Studies  
The focus of this article is in the visual expression of children's drawings. It learns how children try to express or communicate through symbolic visual sign in the drawings. Stroke and lines, colours, and object chosen might represent the object in their surrounding environment. There are many ways to draw proportions of real objects. It depends on the way the children see and understand the object within their logical thinking and the way they feel or experience. There is a various
more » ... n created from their fantasy and creativity which expressed in the drawings. The writing of this article aims to describe visual language as the expression of children through their images. The visual expression of the children's drawing has shown how the children try to communicate through symbolic sign in their drawings. Some of the drawings also show the achievement of creative skill and logical thinking skill. This study uses a purposive sampling method, which observes three children of different ages, namely children aged 4 years, 7 years and 10 years. The results would present such a category and classification of children's drawing.
doi:10.33153/iicacs.v2i1.19 fatcat:p4d2a2snsjeatjsb7g3tolb7wi