Hemopigmented Villonodular Synovitis of Hand

M. N. Dabire, R. Ait Moha, M. Fahsi, M. Chahed, A. El Baitil, A. R. Haddoun, M. Fadili, M. Nechad
2016 OALib  
The location of giant cells tumor in synovial sheaths of fingers tendons is often frequent. We bring a case. An 18-years-old patient without particular medical history, since two years, had a bilobate tumefaction of right index's proximal interphalangeal, painless, firm, movably under the skin, without inflammatory sign. Standard radiography showed cortical thickening. A complete excision is performed. Pathological results revealed tenosynovial giant cells tumor without malignancy. Giant cells
more » ... nancy. Giant cells tumor of tendon sheaths represent the second soft parts of the hand after arthro-synovial cyst. The prognosis depends on invasion of digital noble structures.
doi:10.4236/oalib.1103040 fatcat:ruhmz566onbthjx6y5p4lbigai