Contemporary Civilization Challenges in The Light of The Security Challenges of European Countries on The Example of Poland

2020 Journal of EU Research in Business  
Introduction The Western civilization and the associated culture, being the foundation for building Europe, has been one of the most important pillars of state security for centuries and confirms its identity and strength. In the last decade, abundant in the development of technicalization and cybernetization of life as well as chaos and ineptitude in organizing social life at the same time; globalization, the bloom of production and, simultaneously, the misery of large continental areas; the
more » ... nental areas; the bloom of the world of culture and the simultaneous Abstract The article is aimed at showing the values and significance of Western civilization and culture built on its foundation or rather multiculturalism (polyculturalism) in the context of contemporary challenges of state security. Special attention should be paid to the threats resulting from reductionist and superficial understanding of polyculturalism currently called multiculturalism built on the foundation of globalism and the policy developed within its framework. The analysis of the problem undertaken in the field of philosophical cognition may be used not only for cognitive purposes, but also to enable the assessment and determine the scale of this phenomenon in the context of the good of man, society, nation and state. It should also contribute to the affirmation of the natural communities of human life and the human culture created within it. It has a significant meaning for proper nature of political activity of Western civilization, which due to the cognitive errors, may direct the state policy on the wrong paths and lead it to destruction. The author used analytical and synthetic research method as well as inference in the article to achieve the above assumptions.
doi:10.5171/2020.146710 fatcat:2x4jdt73tvemxhfiyvy63s32ce