Electrophoretic Studies of Normal Rovine and Guinea-Pig Serum

I. Koefoed Jensen
1963 Acta Veterinaria Scandinavica  
Quantitative electrophoretic studies of normal bovine serum have been performed by Bradish et al. (4), P. Wehmeyer, among others. Wehmeyer studied the influence of thirst, water intake, and starvation upon the composition of blood from cattle (22), individual differences in the composition of blood from cattle (23, 24) and variations in the plasma protein concentration of the blood etc . as a function of age (25) . He also carried out quantitative studies of normal guinea-pig serum (26). The
more » ... serum (26). The present paper reports electrophoretic studies of normal cattle and guinea-pig serum by immunoelectrophoresis, agar-gel micro-electrophoresis, and paper electrophoresis. The protein fractions found by immunoelectrophoresis were characterized by some of their physical-chemical properties, such as solubility, enzymic activity, carbohydrate and lipid content. MATERIALS AND METHODS Animal Material Pooled normal bovine serum from 1-2 years old cattle of red Danish dairy breed, was prepared in the usual way. For purposes of subsequent possibilities of comparison with serum from infected or vaccinated cattle, stalled isolated, the not milk yielding cows was fed exclusively on hay. Normal guinea-pig serum was prepared by pooling sera from young, adult, non-pregnant guinea-pigs weighing about 400 g.
doi:10.1186/bf03547173 fatcat:qfzaiahrdfa5rkp4ke2dunbbke