Percepções de mulheres portadoras do papilomavírus humano acerca da infecção: estudo exploratório

Juliana Alexandra Parente Sá Barreto, Mirna Neyara Alexandre de Sá Barreto Marinho, Emery Ciana Figueiredo Vidal, Antônio Germane Alves Pinto, Priscila De Souza Aquino, Eglídia Carla Figueiredo Vidal
2016 Online Brazilian Journal of Nursing  
Aim: to understand the feelings of women infected with the human papilloma virus (HPV) regarding this sexually transmitted disease. Method: this is an exploratory study, with a qualitative approach, performed with 14 women who are users of a specialized care service in the municipality of Juazeiro do Norte, in the Brazilian state of Ceará, in the Northeast of Brazil, between March and June 2012, using the Collective Subject Discourse technique. Results: it was observed that there were some
more » ... here were some misconceptions regarding HPV, unfamiliarity with the fact the therapies used do not eliminate the virus, feelings linked to negative characteristics of the diagnosis, and self-protecting and children-protecting attitudes. Conclusion: the perceptions described tend to harm the empowerment process of these women to deal with the illness with more confidence. Gaps were found in health education. The discussion about the topic must continue, with directed information regarding living with HPV in a singular approach, respecting the individuality of each woman, providing more humane and effective care.
doi:10.17665/1676-4285.20165305 fatcat:rlpx3pclarbcvbj4tqxmzhqm6y