Nurturing Creativity and Professional Learning for 21st Century Education: ResponsiveDesign and the Cultural Landscapes Collaboratory

Ralph Córdova, Jeff Hudson
2012 LEARNing Landscapes |   unpublished
This study examines events within a CoLab 1 3RDSpace: Summer Leadership Institute on Creativity & Innovation. The analyses are organized into two telling cases and reveal how participants develop a shared understanding of ResponsiveDesign, CoLab's theory of inquiry and innovation. Drawing on an interactional ethnographic perspective, the analyses make visible the ways in which concepts of space, language, creativity, and innovation complement one another to form ResponsiveDesign as a powerful
more » ... ign as a powerful approach for educators in any setting to transform their ordinary places into extraordinary spaces for creatively confident learning. Few ideas emerge fully formed. Instead, innovators often try things out and then quickly adjust them in the light of experience. Tinkering seems to play a vital role in all kinds of innovation, involving trial and error, hunches, and experiments that only in retrospect look rational and planned. (Johnson, 2011, p. 151) H ave you ever wondered how creativity works in teachers' professional lives to harness learning opportunities within formal and semi-formal learning settings? And what might tinkering and prototyping have to do with how teachers develop a shared language and theory to help them collaborate