A new design for an EMIS-CYCLOTRON system, for direct production of gaseous PET radioisotopes

H. Ayvazian
Proceedings of International Conference on Particle Accelerators  
A new scheme for direct production of"C(T",=20min) and 150(T"=2min) for medical purposes is studied as a future plan in IBAL. A broad sheet beam of separated stable isotopes (120xlOmm) is converted into an almost cylindrical synchronous bunched beam of high intensity (1 OOmA) and is accelerated in a low energy single cavity RF accelerating unit, in order to lengthen the Mean Free Path (MFP) of the separated ions. The resulting beam is directed into a special Target Ion Source (TIS) and is
more » ... (TIS) and is exposed to a cyclotron beam of protons (deuterons) with relatively high intensity (500pA). The bunching unit is in-tune with that of the cyclotron injection device, in order to achieve effective results of radioisotope production. The high concentration of produced radioisotopes are extracted and directed into a strong analyzing magnet to prevent transportation of target gas and/ or undesired impurities into medical areas. The beam line, including focusing magnets, apertures, the special ion source and vacuum system are explained in brief. Finally a comparison is given between the conventional and the new design.
doi:10.1109/pac.1993.309121 fatcat:4csktt6uxrgnrni5tmon66ilvi