You had to have been there [thesis]

Alison Lynn Wielgus
ii To my mother and my father, for taking me to my first film. iii The noise was pitched to a level of pain he absorbed as a personal test. Don DeLillo, Libra iv ACKNOWLEDGMENTS Like all dissertations, mine is a document of debt. Two academic programs have shaped my work: New York University and the University of Iowa. A number of professors and teaching assistants have spurred my work, especially Moya Luckett, fiercely engaged with my project on a theoretical level (and Garrett deserves a
more » ... ett deserves a special word of thanks for suggesting this dissertation's title). John Peters changed my approach to media and technology in radical ways and is one of the most generous thinkers I know. Corey Creekmur and Kembrew McLeod have provided invaluable guidance, support, and feedback throughout my writing process. This dissertation would not be what it is without them.
doi:10.17077/etd.3xu2itdy fatcat:vc7vijommbcyleenn5pnn6mf2u