Professional versus Social Media: News Credibility and Impact

Hadiza Wada
2018 Zenodo  
Abstract: This study's relevance lies in its goal of ascertaining the degree to which people rely on unprofessionally processed information in (1) making vital decisions or (2) acting on unsubstantiated information served via social media. In addition, it measures the audiences' ability to differentiate information emanating from professional, versus social media. Professional media, in this case, refers to the traditional broadcast and print media who have been in the business of
more » ... ss of professionally processing and authenticating news and information for their respective audiences. While social media, on the other hand, represent the various platforms provided primarily for social exchange of information. Relevant to this study is the social media's ability to reach multitudes of people with unprocessed and uncertified information that can go viral, reaching millions of people. The theoretical framework is Uses and Gratification Theory, UGT, and the methodology is random survey. Keywords: Social media, traditional media, news credibility, fake news
doi:10.5281/zenodo.1571385 fatcat:sewuwcuzdjg6niq5bcpdoch24u