2015 Journal History School  
Fear is an important instrument in establishing and sustaining political power. In Turkey, trolls generally make hashtags that provoke social fear of returning to the prerepublic religious and traditional values. For example, #homosexualityshouldbeprohibited, #womenshouldnotwork, #girlsshouldnotbeedu-cated, #theshariashouldbedeclared, #thosewhodonotfastshouldbe-deported. These hashtags become trending topics in a short period of time because they attract critical tweets in response to their
more » ... sponse to their controversial and provocative statements. On the one hand, trolls provoke social fears; on the other hand they ridicule those fears. In this study, trolls will be discussed within the framework of fear and politics. In depth interviews were conducted with trolls, looking to answer questions about who a troll is, what they do, if they have any intention or purpose, and what limits they may have, etc. The next part of the study looked at the question of whether a troll can create new political language, and if they can, what are the opportunities and problems with this new language within the context of fear and power.
doi:10.14225/joh750 fatcat:rpwckgk5nnaqbczxlqpervoipm