Optical Observation of Striations in Y2Ti2O7 Single Crystals

Changyou Liu, Antoni Dabkowski, Wanqi Jie, Bruce D. Gaulin, Hanna A. Dabkowska
2019 Crystals  
RE2Ti2O7 (RE = Y, Yb, Ho, Er) pyrochlores are very interesting as potential candidates for host materials for applications in transition-metal ions lasers. Y2Ti2O7 crystals were grown by the optical floating zone (OFZ) method. The shape of the growth interface is of paramount importance for the growth of single crystals. As striation and the growth interface have the same shape, we observed the striations in as-grown crystals under polarized light. The degree of overheating of the molten zone
more » ... f the molten zone influences the shape of the growth interface. An increase of power supplied to the molten zone combined with a decrease of both, thermal conductivity and the amount of heat dissipated by the seed-rod, causes an increase in the degree of overheating of the floating zone. Under a high degree of overheating, the interface of the crystal grown is less convex, with smaller curvature. With the speed of rotation of these crystals decreasing from 30 to 7 rpm, the curvature of striations decreases and the shape of the growth interface changes from convex to less convex, and finally to concave.
doi:10.3390/cryst9050233 fatcat:fcghtb3umvdxjhetpt7goor3o4