Cost Optimization of Optical In-Building Networks

Ton Koonen, Henrie H. Boom, van den, Eduardo Ortego Martinez, Philippe Guignard, Eduward Tangdiongga
2011 37th European Conference and Exposition on Optical Communications   unpublished
The low-cost in-home distribution of full-standard digital TV jointly with high-bitrate data using 50 m long 1 mm core diameter gradedindex plastic optical fiber (GI-POF) is proposed and experimentally demonstrated. Discrete multitone (DMT) modulation is demonstrated to provide an adaptive bitrate which can spectrally coexist with digital video broadcasting-terrestrial (DVB-T) signals in 470−862 MHz. A 3 Gb/s DMT signal and two DVB-T channels are generated, transmitted and received exhibiting excellent performance.
doi:10.1364/ecoc.2011.we.10.p1.114 fatcat:4o2zi7vc5neuvmvanpiu6kx2e4