Investigation of Flow Around a Slender Body at High Angles of Attack

Ibraheem AlQadi Ibraheem AlQadi
2019 journal of King Abdulaziz University Engineering Sciences  
A numerical investigation of flow around a slender body at high angles of attack is presented. Large eddy simulation of the flow around an ogive-cylinder body at high angles of attack is carried out. Asymmetric vortex flow was observed at angles of attack of α = 55◦ and 65◦ . The results showed that the phenomenon is present in the absence of artificial geometrical or flow perturbation. Contrary to the accepted notion that flow asymmetry is due to a convective instability, the development of
more » ... tex asymmetry in the absence of perturbations indicates the existence of absolute instability. An investigation of the unsteady flow field was carried out using dynamic mode decomposition. The analysis identified two distinct unsteady modes; high-frequency mode and low-frequency mode. At angle of attack 45◦ the high-frequency mode is dominant in the frontal part of the body and the low-frequency mode is dominant at the rear part. At α = 55◦ , the highfrequency mode is dominant downstream of vortex breakdown. At α = 65◦ , the spectrum shows a wide range of modes. Reconstruction of the dynamical modes shows that the low-frequency mode is associated with the unsteady wake and the high-frequency mode is associated with unsteady shear layer.
doi:10.4197/eng.30-1.4 fatcat:qhijkjbserdshnmujrmdszslya