Constituents in marine algae. VII. Nonpolar constituents of Hizikia fusiformis (HARVEY) OKAMURA

Masayoshi OKANO, Narihiko FUKAMIYA, Tomoyuki FUJITA, Hiroshi MATSUMOTO, Takaaki ARATANI
1985 Nippon Suisan Gakkaishi  
The present paper describes the identification of nonpolar constituents such as sterols, fatty acid methyl esters, and hydrocarbons of Hizikia fusiformis (HARVEY) OKAMURA (Phaeophyceae) growing profusely in the Seto Inland Sea of Japan. Sterol fraction was characterized by cholesterol, 24ketocholesterol, 24, 28-epoxyfucosterol, and saringosterol (a mixture of 24R-and 24S-isomers) which were newly isolated in addition to fucosterol and 24-methylenecholesterol identified already by Komura et
more » ... y by Komura et al.1) Fatty acid methyl ester and hydrocarbon fractions were respectively character ized by straight chain saturated and unsaturated C14-C24 fatty acid methylesters and by straight chain C14-C30 saturated hydrocarbons.
doi:10.2331/suisan.51.1305 fatcat:f5ouqmmobjcvfirpqgyx6fe4le