Market Economics as a Course in General Education: What and How to Teach?

Kang Shik Choi
2020 The Korean Association of General Education  
This paper discusses what to teach when it comes to teaching market economics as a course in general education, and how to teach it as well. The contents should include the concepts of efficiency and equity and also the manner in which they are intertwined. Following the introduction of basic concepts, the derivation of the demand and supply function based on the optimization principle, along with the market equilibrium under various market organizations, are to be explained. We also note that
more » ... We also note that market failure should be taught to the students. The contents do not need to be extensive and complicated as long as the basic concepts are included. The method of teaching also does not need to use rigorous mathematical methods. Instead, it should be simple and sometimes even intuitive as long as it maintains a certain academic quality and standard.
doi:10.46392/kjge.2020.14.6.133 fatcat:5n3n2zuj2betnpltq4oi3pdtsu