Methodological aspects of creating a soft dosage form with the antiviral effect

V. I. Hrytsenko, L. S. Kienko, L. O. Bobrytska, V. S. Zlagoda
2021 Upravlìnnâ ekonomìka ta zabezpečennâ âkostì v farmacìï  
Aim. Substantiate the methodology of creating the soft dosage form for the treatment of herpes viral diseases, taking into account the existing requirements for pharmaceutical drug development. Materials and methods. Drug creating is possible only with a theoretically and experimentally justified process of planning experimental research. To ensure the effectiveness and minimize side effects of the drug under development, it is necessary to take into account all pharmaceutical factors that have
more » ... affect on the quality of the drug. These are the nature and quantity of the base, physical and chemical properties of active and auxiliary substances, structural and mechanical characteristics and equipment. The methodological concept of antiviral drug development is based on the implementation of complexes of marketing, pharmaco-technological, physico-chemical and biopharmaceutical research, which ensures compliance of the drug with medical and biological requirements. Results. It was found that the general algorithm of the methodological approach consists of 3 consecutive stages: information retrieval, research and standardization-pharmacological. Based on the analysis of literature sources and own research, a plan for creating of the soft dosage form with the antiviral effect based on acyclovir and miramistin was developed. Conclusions. The main methodological aspects of creating the soft dosage form with antiherpetic action, taking into account the requirements for the quality of the drug are shown. Key words: methodology; drug; research algorithm; soft dosage form
doi:10.24959/uekj.21.7 fatcat:yu4yshficreephgfipu5u3x26i