Optimization Method of Wavelet Neural Network for Suspension Bridge Damage Identification

Deqing Guan, Jie Li, Jun Chen
2016 Proceedings of the 2016 2nd International Conference on Artificial Intelligence and Industrial Engineering (AIIE 2016)   unpublished
In this paper, an optimization method of wavelet neural network for structure damage identification is established. The suspension bridge is used as the research object. Firstly, wavelet coefficients modulus maxima are obtained by wavelet transform to determine the location of structural damage. Then, the connection weights and thresholds of the neural network are optimized by the particle swarm optimization, the optimized neural network is constructed to determine the degree of damage of the
more » ... of damage of the bridge. The validity of the method is verified by numerical simulation of multi span suspension bridge.
doi:10.2991/aiie-16.2016.45 fatcat:3v7z74eqsrf5bp5ltazbzsvhma