Blackfolds in (anti)-de Sitter backgrounds

Jay Armas, Niels A. Obers
2011 Physical Review D  
We construct different neutral blackfold solutions in Anti-de Sitter and de Sitter background spacetimes in the limit where the cosmological scale is taken to be much larger than the transverse horizon size. This includes a class of blackfolds with horizons that are products of odd-spheres times a transverse sphere, for which the thermodynamic stability is also studied. Moreover, we exhibit a specific case in which the same blackfold solution can describe different limiting black hole
more » ... lack hole spacetimes therefore illustrating the geometric character of the blackfold approach. Furthermore, we show that the higher-dimensional Kerr-(Anti)-de Sitter black hole allows for ultra-spinning regimes in the relevant limit of large cosmological scale, and demonstrate that this is correctly described by a pancaked blackfold geometry. We also give evidence for the possibility of saturating the rigidity theorem in these backgrounds.
doi:10.1103/physrevd.83.084039 fatcat:z2o5ougvsfdpvi4cjyz3umwwv4