Quality Characteristics of Mobile Learning Applications

2019 Informatică economică  
Software quality evaluation for mobile application is a subject with major implications onto educational evaluating process. The place where teacher and his educable person build a temporary social relation is connected to an environment where success is correlated with a mobile-driven mindset. A suitable examination of such mobile learning -environment implies quality characteristics like functional correctness and testability and should be conducted with proper tools if we desire to use
more » ... learning applications for implementing into a collaborative scenario toward complex classroom events. In this article we are making a raised mark above quality characteristics of mobile learning applications because this is the starting point to acquire a certain comprehension concerning a better utilization of such methods for obtaining knowledge. We construct a potential bridge between two quality characteristics of mobile learning applications to show how to transfer practical results from one quality characteristic toward another to sustain an experimental study with adjacent outline involving mobile programming laboratory curricula. We focus our attention above a software quality metric, the so-called statement code coverage (CC), to obtain a synergic effect between a blackbox approach and a white-box technique in order for developing and testing Android mobile applications. For reaching our desideratum we studied scientific papers regarding the complexity of quality characteristics applied to mobile learning applications, from a general to a particular view, to shed light above previous gathering observations concerning our mission. We have a genuine desire to reveal technical instructions needed to be executed in order to obtain a reproducible pattern of a manually testing process, concerning an Android mobile application, conducted by a beta-testing team of users. he finished with a high school diploma postgraduate training programs named Psychological, Pedagogical and Educational skills training, level I and II, connected with a particular branch of the Bucharest University of Economic Studies. Furthermore, he graduated classes between 1984 and 1989 with a bachelor degree of the Faculty of Technology for Chemistry of the Polytechnic Institute of Bucharest towards specialization concerning Inorganic Chemistry Engineering. Currently he is working as a software analyst within the Department of Information Technology at the Regia Autonomă "Monitorul Oficial" from Bucharest and he is using Oracle database with APEX technology correlated with specific software languages for intranet projects development. His main scientific preoccupation is heavily orientated towards domains situated at the interface between education as a primarily economic and social activity and the most recent software technology.
doi:10.12948/issn14531305/23.4.2019.07 fatcat:msmv7kyn6ra33jjq3hzbk7fp4y