Renovation and Extension of Supervision Software Leveraging Reactive Streams

Marc-Antoine GaliléE, Andrea Calia, Janet Do, Kajetan Fuchsberger, Jean-Christophe Garnier, Kamil Krol, Maciej Osinski, Maciej Pocwierz, Tiago Ribeiro, Anita Stanisz, Markus Zerlauth, Matilla, ÓScar (Ed.) (+3 others)
Inspired by the recent developments of reactive programming and the ubiquity of the concept of streams in modern software industry, we assess the relevance of a reactive streams solution in the context of accelerator controls. The promise of reactive streams, to govern the exchange of data across asynchronous boundaries at a rate sustainable for both the sender and the receiver, is alluring to most data-centric processes of CERN's accelerators. Taking advantage of the renovation of one key
more » ... ion of one key software piece of our supervision layer, the Beam Interlock System GUI, we look at the architecture, design and implementation of a reactive streams based solution. Additionally, we see how this model allows us to re-use components and contributes naturally to the extension of our tool set. Lastly, we detail what hindered our progression and how our solution can be taken further.
doi:10.18429/jacow-icalepcs2017-thpha152 fatcat:sebmbf2dnbcqfklleqe4d4tn4q