Franklin T. Jones
1911 School Science and Mathematics  
Our readers are invited to propose questions for solution scientific or pedagogical and to answer the questions proposed by others or 'by themselves. Kindly address all communications to Franklin T, Jones, University School, Cleveland, Ohio. The following papers were set as entrance examinations for Yale, Harvard, and Sheffield Scientific School in June, 1911. The status of chemistry at Yale is quite well described by calling attention only to the fact that certain combinations of chemistry,
more » ... ns of chemistry, physics, and mathematics are allowed in place of the old requirement in Greek. The science teacher can well ask himself the question whether his courses in these sciences are as well planned to train the mind and cultivate habits of industry and concentration as the courses in Greek which they supersede. Yale College, Entrance Examination. CHEMISTRY. [Time allowed, one hour and a quarter.] Express 1)y symbols all reactions.
doi:10.1111/j.1949-8594.1911.tb03501.x fatcat:2xybf44jxzdypcxzlmfk2zkpzq