Nguyen Thi Lien
2018 Vietnam Journal of Science and Technology  
To improve the efficiency of algae production process, most studies have focused on selecting algal strains; controlling nutrient, temperatures and pH as well as biomass processing technologies. However, technical innovations in algae cultivation have remained elusive. For this reason, a new technique in cultivation system was studied to determine if it could produce significant quantities of biomass compared to the traditional hydroponic system. After 8 days at same culture conditions: LED
more » ... conditions: LED lights on a 24 hours off light cycle, microalgae density (OD560 = 1.4), 40 mL of the inoculum, luminosity 2000 lux and temperature was maintained between 25–26 °C, the algae was harvested and the effluent was collected for measuring dry weight of algal biomass. The vertical substrate system have a greater productivity on the substrate based system than traditional hydroponic system. There was increased up to 1.7 times for biomass dry weight in substrate-grown system compared to aqueous-grown system after 8 days of growth. This vertical substrate system produced significant areal yield of 0.8 g m-2d-1 and the areal growth rate of 9.1 g/ m² respectively.
doi:10.15625/2525-2518/54/2a/11946 fatcat:4oeedylys5acjnr6gz3dsdxzm4