Graphene Nanomaterials [book]

Dharmesh P. Hansora
Graphene exhibits unique mechanical, optical, and electronic properties, making it one of the most promising materials in prominent electronic devices [1] . To do so, it is essential to develop a method to synthesize large-scale high-quality graphene samples [2] . However, the most common growth technique, chemical vapor deposition (CVD), suffers from quality issues, which can arise from the hightemperature growth process as well as during the transfer process. In addition, chemical
more » ... hemical doping/cleaning process using plasma or wet chemistry further adds defects [3] [4] . Therefore, in order to refine CVD graphene synthesis, transfer and post-treatment methods, it is important to effectively obtain information regarding defects and surface states during the process. 2102
doi:10.1201/9781315364551 fatcat:anmvug6tc5aobgcr5yvrvw5d6m