Sequence rearrangement in JC virus DNAs molecularly cloned from immunosuppressed renal transplant patients

Y Yogo, T Kitamura, C Sugimoto, K Hara, T Iida, F Taguchi, A Tajima, K Kawabe, Y Aso
1991 Journal of Virology  
From nonimmunocompromised individuals, we have recently identified a possible archetypal JC virus DNA sequence from which various regulatory sequences of JC virus isolates derived from patients with progressive multifocal leukoencephalopathy (PML) could have evolved. In this study, we analyzed the regulatory sequences of JCV DNAs cloned from urine samples of a PML risk group (renal transplant patients on immunosuppressive therapy). A number of JC virus DNAs were molecularly cloned from virions
more » ... loned from virions excreted in the urine of eight patients. Furthermore, fragments containing the regulatory region were amplified by the polymerase chain reaction and subsequently molecularly cloned from cell-associated JC virus excreted in the urine of two patients. The regulatory regions in all clones were analyzed with restriction enzymes, and those in representative clones were sequenced. We found that clones with the archetypal regulatory sequence were predominant in all urine samples, but a few clones carried regulatory sequences that diverged from the archetypal sequence by deletion or duplication. The finding that sequence rearrangement in the archetypal regulatory region occurs in the course of infection in immunosuppressed hosts is consistent with the adaptation hypothesis which has been put forward to explain the divergence of the regulatory regions in PML-derived JC virus isolates.
doi:10.1128/jvi.65.5.2422-2428.1991 fatcat:vx7537gmdjdixjvprwns2skyga