Germanium ``hexa'' detector: production and testing

M. Sarajlić, D. Pennicard, S. Smoljanin, H. Hirsemann, B. Struth, T. Fritzsch, M. Rothermund, M. Zuvic, M.O. Lampert, M. Askar, H. Graafsma
2017 Journal of Instrumentation  
Here we present new result on the testing of a Germanium sensor for X-ray radiation. The system is made of 3 × 2 Medipix3RX chips, bump-bonded to a monolithic sensor, and is called "hexa". Its dimensions are 45 × 30 mm 2 and the sensor thickness was 1.5 mm. The total number of the pixels is 393216 in the matrix 768 × 512 with pixel pitch 55 m. Medipix3RX read-out chip provides photon counting read-out with single photon sensitivity. The sensor is cooled to -126  C and noise levels together
more » ... levels together with flat field response are measured. For -200 V polarization bias, leakage current was 4.4 mA (3.2 A/mm 2 ). Due to higher leakage around 2.5 % of all pixels stay non-responsive. More than 99 % of all pixels are bump bonded correctly. In this paper we present the experimental set-up, threshold equalization procedure, image acquisition and the technique for bump bond quality estimate.
doi:10.1088/1748-0221/12/01/c01068 fatcat:yz74gqg5yndxxo7soeew4lhrny