Manasa M.B .
2016 International Journal of Research in Engineering and Technology  
The present digital technology innovation happens by replicating the existing distributed Web assets and extending to incorporate new features. It's a chain of events happened over and over on the web which leads to an act of sharing or publishing digital content on the web. These web assets incorporates digital type of datasets, code, messages, Process and Media however there is no formal way of sharing instruments took after to make advanced curios on the Web. Which are provable, one of a
more » ... and unique. These deficiencies have a genuine negative effect on the capacity to replicate the outcomes, which in turn vigorously affects technology where reproducibility is vital. To take care of this issue, this paper presents believable Universal Resource Indicators contains encrypted notations which demonstrates how believable Universal Resource Indicatorsutilized to check the digital content. We exhibit how the substance of these records get to be one of a kind, including conditions to outer computerized artifacts and in this way the importance of provability for whole reference chain. Assessment of this reference executions demonstrates that all these outline objectives are accomplished by our methodology including huge documents. Our implementation holds good for the all levels in the Web, for example, transparent and fragmented engineering, which is completely good for present conventional models.
doi:10.15623/ijret.2016.0516093 fatcat:rtknejdr25elxibmj5hpxz6z5e