Semiparametric Single-Index Estimation for Average Treatment Effects

Difang Huang, Jiti Gao, Tatsushi Oka
We propose a semiparametric method to estimate the average treatment effect under the assumption of unconfoundedness given observational data. Our estimation method alleviates misspecification issues of the propensity score function by estimating the single-index link function involved through Hermite polynomials. Our approach is computationally tractable and allows for moderately large dimension covariates. We provide the large sample properties of the estimator and show its validity. Also,
more » ... average treatment effect estimator achieves the parametric rate and asymptotic normality. Our extensive Monte Carlo study shows that the proposed estimator is valid in finite samples. We also provide an empirical analysis on the effect of maternal smoking on babies' birth weight and the effect of job training program on future earnings.
doi:10.26180/21531639.v1 fatcat:alpbrc2dbffptlljjctlv3kt7q