Mean Square Angular Momentum, Rotational Magnetic Moment and Diamagnetic Susceptibility of the Hydrogen Molecule

Teturo INUI
1941 Proceedings of the Physico-Mathematical Society of Japan. 3rd Series  
Molecular Constants for Hydrogen. Molecule . 999 due to Wang function. On the contrary, his density function resembles very much to our ƒÏ(1) so that it seems very likely that it may _yield a good result comparable with us if it is applied to a problem in which the mean density plays a principal role. I should like to express my hearty thanks to Dr. T. Yamanouchi and Mr. M. Kotani for their stimulating discussions and encouraging aids throughout the course of this work.
doi:10.11429/ppmsj1919.23.0_999 fatcat:rabkpdkhfzgxzjgmb5c65nfb2m