Comparison of the effect of selected Xbox Kinect games and normal physical activities on static posture in low activity student

Maya Behmaram, Farideh Babakhani, Rahman Sheikh Hoseini
2021 مجله دانشگاه علوم پزشکی گرگان  
and Objective: Postural defects are increased among students due to inactivity. Their unwillingness to perform traditional activities, requires finding appropriate ways to increase physical activity. This study was done to compare the effect of selected Xbox Kinect games and normal on the posture in low activity students. Methods: In this quasi-experimental study, 26 sedentary fourth and fifth grade students were non-randomly divided into two groups. During the 6-week period, one group engaged
more » ... n 3 sessions per week of selected Xbox Kinect games and the other group engaged in routine school physical education activities during school hours. The photogrammetry and Kinovea software was used to study the posture of the joint angles. Results: In static posture, head position angle, thoracic arrow, horizontal scapula alignment, horizontal pelvic alignment, and body alignment were found positive effect in Xbox Kinect group in compared to normal physical activity (P<0.05). There was not any significant difference between the two groups in Lumbar Arrow, Lumbar Angle, pelvic Tilt Pelvis, Knee Position, Quadriceps Angle and Foot Pronation. Conclusion: Xbox Kinect games are a good way to correct postural deviations in sedentary students in low activity student.
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