iFlashBack: A wearable electronic mnemonics to retain episodic memory visually real by video aided rehearsal

Y. Hirose, Y. Ikei, K. Hirota, M. Hirose
IEEE Proceedings. VR 2005. Virtual Reality, 2005.  
This paper describes a wearable electronic mnemonics, the iFlashBack system that promotes human memorization process for the action the user performed in the real-world. The goal of the system is to exploit unlimited capacity of the human brain for storing the variety of information, by assisting memorization using recorded video and related information captured during interaction process to real-world objects. Memorization reinforcement is achieved by drawing attention, promoting rehearsal by
more » ... oting rehearsal by flashing a video of interaction, and organizing memory by providing relevant information. The action of the user is captured by a cap-mounted miniature camera, an RFID reader, and arm posture sensors worn by the user. For video-aided rehearsal, a small HMD presents the captured scenes immediately after the user's interaction behavior and/or at appropriate times in the user's activity. We conducted basic experiments to demonstrate our idea. Two memory tasksto change cup positions within grids and to memorize random dot images-were performed by subjects. The results suggested that the iFlashBack system could reinforce memorization of the user's action by motion-controlled video aided rehearsal.
doi:10.1109/vr.2005.1492791 fatcat:pjyweo4corczdck53vlcrh3m2a