Development of Case Vignette Tool on ECG and its Interpretation (CVECGI)

Hariprasath Pandurangan, Balasubramanian N, Raja A
In nursing research, vignettes are used less and extensively utilized in psychological social sciences. It is a type of self reported qualitative research where case scenarios, situations are given to the research participants and their perception, opinions, beliefs, and attitudes are elicited within the vignettes. In certain research, text or pictures presented to participants to prompt responses to interview questions. ECG is a frequent safe and inexpensive procedure that supports arrhythmias
more » ... and ischemia diagnosis. Nurses are usually the first to conduct an ECG and therefore need to know how to interpret it, but many nurses lack ECG Interpretation skills.
doi:10.6084/m9.figshare.14761629.v1 fatcat:x7r5ulqi3jh27ahatn5kwdfc6e