Program Rewriting Tool for Mitigation of Static Casting Vulnerabilities in C++
C++ 정적 캐스팅에서 취약점 완화를 위한 프로그램 재작성 도구

Hyeockjin Kim, Jonghwan Yang, Eun-Sun Cho, Jaecheol Ryou
2020 KIISE Transactions on Computing Practices  
In this paper, we propose a CNN-based real-time grasping point detection algorithm using RGB-D images. Grasping point detection is a technique that determines where and how a robot should grab an object to lift it stably, this makes it quite unlike simple object detection. If the grasp is unstable, due to a poor choice of location, it is easy to drop the object when the robot lifts it and therefore the robot may fail to complete the requested task. As such, accurate and stable grasping point
more » ... e grasping point detection is essential for the robotics industry. Also, we introduce a fast measurement algorithm based on the rectangle metric for the quantitative evaluation of the grasping point detection technique. The proposed algorithm is able to search for grasping points on objects with complex shapes as well as simple ones by using neural network learning rather than simple image processing.
doi:10.5626/ktcp.2020.26.2.89 fatcat:3vhprmqcynbyzhckebfgfpecyu